October 09, 2005

Card Tricks and Dutchman's Puzzle

It's hard trying to get all those seams to match and points to be pointy! Some new things I’ve learned from sewing my first 2 blocks:

  • Make sure your seam allowance actually is a quarter of an inch. I have a quilting foot but quarter inch is actually on the outer edge of the foot. Before beginning, sew 3 strips of fabric, 2.5 inches wide, together and the end result should measure exactly 6.5 inches.

  • Press your seams from the right side of the fabric in a sweeping motion – it stops the crinkles you can get if you press from the back and gives you a really crisp seam.

  • Press seams in one direction and press to the darker fabric, if possible

  • When you sew 2 seams together try to make sure they are pressed in different directions to avoid bulk

This week we cut out Card Tricks and Dutchman's Puzzle.

Card Tricks

Dutchman's Puzzle


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