January 26, 2007

Tracy - as promised. So I thought a pattern making course would be fun to take. Several prerequisites later I start a Introduction to Apparel Construction course tomorrow morning through continuing education at Otis.

The best part, of course, is having to buy all those supplies. The source they recommend is Tops Art Supply in Korea Town. I had so much fun driving over one lunch time and look at the booty I brought back with me. And – finally a use for that thrifted bag...


Thrift find

Thrift find

January 22, 2007


I worked at home on Friday which I don't do very often and Henry, overcome by the need for love, insisted on sitting on my lap as often as he could. I took the opportunity to get some photos of him as he never sits still for photos.


Henry the dog

Francis Bacon

Henry the dog

January 20, 2007

Other people's fabric scraps

I had a lucky find in my local thrift shop this week– a big bag of fabric scraps. I washed them and had fun ironing and going through them all.



My kind of fabric...




More to go through...


It got me thinking about what I could make out of them. Here is a first go – a little lavender sachet bird. The wing is appliquéd. I technique I learned in my quilting class a while back.


January 19, 2007

What to choose...

Hey Tracy. So if I'm going to make this apron reversible what fabric should I use? I was also thinking a Kate Spade green for the bias binding. What do you think?







January 16, 2007

A celebration of fourness

The Kid turned four over the weekend and we spent a couple of days at Disneyland in celebration. All the clichés apply: how did four years go so quickly, what happened to my baby, why am I letting him eat a piece of cotton candy as big as his head...


Anyway, happy birthday kid – I'm a lucky mom.

January 15, 2007

What to make...

Hey Tracy. I was thinking I should start out easy. I scored this pattern over the holidays. What do you think? I'm not sure I'll do the embroidery because I want to use a patterned fabric. I was also thinking about making it reversible.

apron pattern

I'm totally in love with this one. When I bought it I was imagining a little a-line dress but it might be fun as an apron. Thoughts?


January 13, 2007

Same city but divided by the 405, Sepulveda Pass, and the 101

In an attempt to spend some quality time with my friend and finish some of those sewing projects, Tracy and I are starting an online sewing support group right here on our blogs. We are going to go nice and steady and at a very slow pace. First step: Decide what to make and find a pattern.


What the....? (I'm talking about mine not yours)

January 07, 2007

Thrifty Fabric

My thrift shop and ebay finds over the holidays...


January 01, 2007


Now I have started selling a few things I've been thinking about packaging for mailing. However much I like the look of the things I make in cellophane envelopes, between ordering them, getting them to my house and the new materials it began to feel wasteful. So I decided to look for an alternative over the holidays.

Here's what I found: some vintage thread and a roll of paper from a local antique mall. I like the idea of reusing things and if someone is kind enough to part with their hard earned cash to buy something I make I want it to be worth it for them. Hopefully the product itself does that but a nice package doesn't hurt either.



Here are a couple of orders ready to go. I even managed to wrap them without using tape so the paper can be reused. I also think plain brown paper would look pretty nice with this thread as well. Now all I have to do if find some recycled bubble envelopes...