June 10, 2006

Cath Kidston

I was shopping in LA today and came across a Cath Kidston shop. I feel so out of it! I've never heard of her. Anyway – it's a dream shop. She started out as a fabric designer, started making her own products and now has over 500. She makes everything from bags, hot water bottle covers, towels, tea towels, cushions, and bedding to tents, china, umbrellas, and women and children’s clothing. And the best is they are all made from her amazing fabrics which she also sells by the yard – including oilcloth. And finally the shops are also stocked with vintage china, jewelry and bags.

Here are my goodies: some fabric and an oilcloth bag



And this is her office – allegedly


Cath Kidston Online Shop


Blogger Tracy said...

do you think i could park a trailer like that in the drive here?? hmmmm... my own office!!

11:32 AM  

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