November 24, 2006

Pink Christmas

xmas tree 2006

Remember when Martha by Mail closed down a few years ago and they had that great sale? I bought a pink Christmas tree and ever since I have been collecting vintage pink ornaments to go on it. This year I achieved some sort of a critical mass although I know I will continue collecting. There is a certain satisfaction to combing flee markets in search of that one perfect pink ornament.

For more photos click on the photo above to get to Flickr.

In the time I have been putting this post together I have been invited to post to the Pink Christmas Flickr pool – don’t you just love Flickr?


Blogger tracy said...

this is such a perfect tree! {almost as good as little T's!} xo

2:06 PM  
Blogger samlamb said...

Gasp - that tree is fabulous! Every Christmas should be pink!

4:00 PM  

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