January 01, 2007


Now I have started selling a few things I've been thinking about packaging for mailing. However much I like the look of the things I make in cellophane envelopes, between ordering them, getting them to my house and the new materials it began to feel wasteful. So I decided to look for an alternative over the holidays.

Here's what I found: some vintage thread and a roll of paper from a local antique mall. I like the idea of reusing things and if someone is kind enough to part with their hard earned cash to buy something I make I want it to be worth it for them. Hopefully the product itself does that but a nice package doesn't hurt either.



Here are a couple of orders ready to go. I even managed to wrap them without using tape so the paper can be reused. I also think plain brown paper would look pretty nice with this thread as well. Now all I have to do if find some recycled bubble envelopes...



Blogger tracy said...

you know how i feel about that paper!


9:58 AM  

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